2008 conference
Peak Forests
Old Growth
Forest Biofuels
Helicopter Herbicides
Selective Forestry


Coast Redwoods, California
finding the largest redwood
trail guides to most of the big redwood and giant sequoia groves
directions to the biggest of the big
discussion about how public knowledge of the exact location of the biggest trees should (or should not) be
a champion sugar pine in the Umpqua National Forest (that I've seen in person) was vandalized by someone with a chainsaw, fortunately they didn't cut all the way through its cambium layer
lesser damage can be caused by too many people trampling shallow roots
list of largest redwoods - the champion is 26 feet in diameter! (not far from Howland Hill Road in Jedidiah Smith park)
the tallest known redwood is now 380 feet tall (not the same as the 26 foot diameter specimen)